WOW Atlanta Women's Empowerment,division of Harvest Girls International is a women’s non-profit organization designed to empower, impact and educate women of all backgrounds, races and economic status. Empowering women to bounce back from setbacks from life circumstances and situations that may result in low self esteem and self-worth.
This is for women who want to make a new start but can’t seem to find their way. We believe should embrace the term “Love Yourself 1st”.  This applies to women of all walks of life. to a fulfilled life and making your life the primary importance through your health, finances, emotional state and your spiritual walk.
We believe that the success to mastering these components starts with self-love. Women are masters of caring for others but often lose their authentic self-love by stepping aside to lift others up. Self-worth is essential for being a fully-actualized individual. When we don't love ourselves, we compromise our relationships and every other part of our lives. We simply can't function at an optimal level and fulfill our potential for happiness and success. Low self-worth undermines our happiness with a variety of self-sabotaging behaviors.