Helen J. Chambers

Helen J. Chambers, Certified​ Coach (Life,Caregiver,Christian) certified by Coach Academy, Inc. an ICF (International Coach Federation) and ICB (International Coaching Bureau)  accredited program.

With more than 25 years of combined experience as an empowerment coach, facilitator, and speaker I am:  

the Maximum Empowerment Coach…

I lead individuals toward the unfolding of a path to achieve their goals. My coaching approach is proven to help clients identify and remove obstacles that stand in the way of success. Together we develop actionable plans to which I serve as a trusted alliance and accountability partner.

the Maximum Empowerment Speaker…

A seasoned speaker, well-versed at delivery of well-crafted and high-impact empowerment messaging to groups -- small and large -- via multiple platforms including: conferences, workshops, and women’s ministry groups.

the Maximum Empowerment Trainer…

My wide range personal and professional experience has carved out “niche” areas of expertise: “Empowerment”   and Coaching.

My work with various foundations coupled with experience in Women's Ministry, which includes my spearheading spiritual empowerment workshops, represents  a foundational pillar of my success.

Moreover, I develop programs and deliver training workshops geared toward Caregiving to help family members develop their ability to provide better care of their loved ones.

Finally, with solid experience in various roles working within 501(c)3 organizations, I leverage my experience to coach others in the niche area of non-profit management.

I am actively engaged in building stronger communities through serving within organizations that support the empowerment of women -- I serve as:

  • Executive Director of WOW (Women of Worth) Atlanta, a division of Harvest Girls International Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

  • Regional Vice President of Harvest Girls International supporting teenage girls and women

  • Board member for "If The Shoe Fits" Foundation that provides book scholarships to Young Adult Women ages 18-22.

As the Maximum Empowerment Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, I serve individuals and businesses (profit and non-profit) who are ready to explore & explode their vision, pursue their passion, and develop strategic steps to produce maximum impact!